Please note that in all cases, Copyright always remain with the Photographer. Copyright itself is not sold by the photographer, only the rights for the identified person [s] to use the image as indicated in this agreement between the Purchaser and Vendor. By purchasing from this website you are agreeing to the licence as below.

A credit must be attributed to the photographer eg  ‘Photo by Will Harris | Photography’ at all times without exception. If unsure please check prior, copyright licence infringement law is extremely serious.

Images on our website must not be copied, re-printed, digitally merged, in any way edited or enhanced without the written permission of ‘Will Harris (Photographer)’. This includes any downloaded images purchased via this website.

Even if a copyright licence is released in your name; the publishing of any image where the animal does not solely belong to you, is prohibited without ALL owner’s consent in writing, which we may ask for in the event of a complaint by a co-owner.


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& Social Networking Site’s, such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok etc.

If posted to social media website, include the by-line ‘Photo by Will Harris (Photography) at all times and if published on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram we ask you to tag/name the image to photographers’ personal Facebook Page.

Images purchased may be reproduced for your own personal use but cannot not be cropped, altered, edited, enhanced or changed in any way by anyone including a graphic designer without first obtaining permission from the original photographer.

The use of images in any publication not included in our release [see above] are subject to special copyright terms & must be discussed & agreed prior to publishing with the Photographer and Publishing Company.

Commercial copyright license is usually agreed at prices starting from £99 per usage.

Copyright infringements are taken seriously, and breaches will be invoiced at £500 per usage.

NB: This license is for a full resolution digital download, suitable for both print and web-use, in .jpg file format. The license is for 5 year use and is non-exclusive, i.e. this image may be used by other companies.


Changes to these Terms

We retain the right to revise these terms at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you.

Jpeg images are for your personal useage and may not be high enough quality to print. If this is the case they are not for commercial or advertising use. If you wish to use them for anything other than personal use, please contact me first. Thank You.